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We’re The Holos Group

We are a network of change designers committed to creating and supporting positive change—turning challenges into opportunities and aspirations into tangible realities.

We are experts with diverse backgrounds, including coaching, facilitating, academia, psychology and technology, with extensive business and community experience.

Our shared dedication to creating transformational change for the future of humanity fuels our efforts.


How We Work

Five principles that keep us going


We believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. We cut through the noise and complexity using straightforward and efficient solutions to drive impactful change.


We focus on the big picture and whole-person. We nurture personal growth within our network all while championing universal access to opportunities. Our holistic approach fosters what we call "Life-Work Harmony," emphasising that work should enhance the quality of our lives, making it a source of fulfillment and well-being for all.


We acknowledge our global impact and prioritise responsible choices, from environmental sustainability, responsible resource management, and inclusivity in our actions. Our commitment to justice is driven by a desire to promote positive change for a fairer world.


We're committed to creating successful and meaningful transformations that have a lasting impact. Our approach extends beyond traditional consulting, aiming to shape a better future for humanity one impactful change at a time.


The Holos Group thrives on 'Fun,' which makes our work both enjoyable and impactful. It's our secret sauce for driving creativity, collaboration, and delivering groundbreaking results.

Dr Richard Harmer



Meet Richard Harmer, the CEO and founder of this spectacular group for 14 years and counting. He is a Developmental Psychologist with a PhD from Australian Catholic University and a Masters in Health Psychology from Swinburne University of Technology. 

As the Founder and CEO of The Holos group, Richard sparks and supports change with organisations, supporting CEOs and senior leaders to connect-the-dots of large-scale transformative change initiatives in ways that inspire individual and collective commitment and action. 

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Meet The Network

Lauren Moloney

Enterprise Agile and Delivery Coach

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Gaby McDonald

Executive Coach and Futurist

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Katy Cooper

Futurist and a ‘now’ist.

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