Team Profiles

Core Team 

Richard Harmer

Dr Richard Harmer

Richard challenges the status-quo and makes things happen. As the Founder and CEO of The Holos Group, Richard works with CEOs and senior leaders to change the game of organisational and industry performance to deliver breakthrough results.

Richard is dynamic and visionary and is able to connect-the-dots of large-scale transformative change initiatives in ways that inspire individual commitment and action. He leads with a unique combination of big-picture thinking coupled with pragmatic application; large-scale commerciality balanced with “boot strapping” entrepreneurialism; and creativity and innovation with a keen eye on delivering tangible business results.

Richard has worked within organisations across a range of industries and has held senior level positions in organisations both large and small as well as several start-up companies, one of which was listed in BRW’s Top 100 Fastest Starters. Richard has a unique ability to quickly spot new opportunities and build teams that unlock collective potential, capitalise on combined strengths, and inspire sustained high-performance.

Gaby McDonald

Gaby McDonald

Gaby utilises 21st century organisational development and change methodologies, developing agility and awareness in leaders and organisations to achieve business outcomes. A change specialist, group facilitator, executive coach, futurist, employee engagement practitioner and sustainability strategist with a passion for organisational and people development, she brings over 15 years experience, deep feminine energy and conscious creativity to every endeavour.

Working with industries ranging from FMCG, retail and professional services, to manufacturing, IT and government, she is committed to making an impact on a large scale through a unique blending of strategic foresight, adult development theory, group dynamics, Integral Theory and sustainability in a meta-systemic approach to change.

In her spare time, Gaby embodies her passion for heath and vitality through cooking, dance and yoga practice. 

Julian Waters-Lynch

Julian Waters-Lynch

Julian is a futurist, organisational strategist, designer and facilitator of experiences that catalyze learning and development. 

Julian’s PhD research on the future of work explores the disruptive rifts in technology and social trends that are shaping the new economy. His thesis focusses on the new skills and environments individuals and organisations require to support sustained collaboration and innovation in rapidly changing marketplace.  

Julian’s international work history across Latin America and Asia and with the key drivers and worldviews of millennial leaders has afforded tangible insights into how younger generations and emerging regions will shape the 21st century.

An accomplished jazz pianist, he draws on his experience with the discipline of improvisation to assist individuals and organisations in developing capabilities for creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation.