The different game we play

We play to foster the generative conditions that bring life to organisations through

Attributes Of Agility
Attributes Of Impact


Implementing strategy, innovation and futures with agility by:

Illuminating horizons of possibility that bring futures to life.  

Inspiring creativity and crafting processes that bring innovation to life.

Igniting the passion and precision that bring strategy to life.


Shaping leadership, culture and change with impact by:

Supporting the wisdom of decisions that bring leadership to life.

Scaffolding the conditions of inter-relating that bring culture to life.  

Sculpting generative pathways that bring change to life.   


Our aim is to help leaders, teams, organisations and communities develop the agility needed to play a different game and realise amazing value. 



Why play a different game

The world operates from a new set of rules.

There are two types of challenges confronting us. First, persistent challenges that never seem to go away. Second, challenges that just seem to come from over the horizon and take us by surprise. Navigating within these challenges requires a difference that separates leading organisations - a difference that leaves others in a distant second place.

We can play 'by the rules', 'bend the rules', 'break the rules', and play 'beyond the rules'. Let's play. 


Our invitation to play

Are you ready to step audaciously into an unfamiliar field of possibility?

We invite you to collaborate with us in this generative field to bring your different game to life.

Our journey with you starts with some uncommon questions. Questions that bring to life individual and collective genius. Questions shaped by leading edge coaching frameworks. Our approach to each individual and organisation is distinct, no standard script.





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your unique business challenges

Core Team 

Richard Harmer

Gaby McDonald

Julian Waters-Lynch


Our partners playing a different game